Bones dream job is looking after your dream car...

Bones Speed Shop started as a dream by Andrew Bone in 2015. 

Andrew has taken his love of working with performance cars into a thriving business. 

In 2017 Darren joined the company, and between them have 50 years experience, building and servicing high performance vehicles to restore them to the best they can be. 

Quality High Performance Care for all cars.

We cater for all types of vehicle. 

At Bones Speed Shop, we offer all mechanical services. From general Log Book servicing, all petrol and diesel mechanics, to building custom race engine's to any specification. 

Custom tuning, whether carby or injected is our specialty. 

The Speed Shop is equipped with a Chassis Dyno and all the latest specialised computer diagnostic equipment. Andrew has been tuning for 20 years, spending time in the United States learning how to tune on a Chassis Dyno. So whether he's tuning a carby with a screwdriver and vacuum gauge, or the latest EFI vehicle with a laptop, you can be sure he'll get it right. 

Pink & Blue Slips

As well as being performance and modified vehicle experts... we also offer pink and blue slips for cars, bikes and trailers. 

2/ 178 Princes Hwy, Sth Nowra

Come in and have a talk to us about your high performance vehicle needs, it costs nothing to ask and we'll be happy to answer all your questions. 

FYI - We also have the lowest rates around.